Monday, May 3, 2010

Honeymoon Mobile Home Park, Dunedin, Florida

For getting outside of Honeymoon Mobile Home park, Dunedin, Florida offers many options in the area and surrounding areas. Dunedin is a great place to begin a honeymoon adventure. There are many packages and opportunities to explore Dunedin and its surrounding areas. Outside of the Honeymoon Mobile Home Park, Dunedin, Florida can present a wealth of options for the young and active newlyweds.

Just outside of Honeymoon Mobile Home Park, Dunedin begins to show its possibility. At Sail Honeymoon, you can plan a boating excursion along the waters of Dunedin and near to Clearwater. Boat options include a trimaran that seats three people and can be sailed with only a little bit of instruction. If you've always wanted to sail on the open water, this is the opportunity for you. The sail allows guests to feel the speed of the wind as the sail catches the breezes and takes you on a memorable journey. Or perhaps you'd like to try kayaking--that too can be arranged. Although this is more of a solo adventure, you can try to sail side by side to keep yourselves together. There is a kayak trail available for you to navigate as well. Rates are reasonable for all of these water adventures.

Once again, going past the Honeymoon Mobile Home Park, Dunedin offers more fun for the newlywed couple. Honeymoon Island is the usual destination of couples that like to paddle. Right outside of Dunedin, couples can rent a boat and head out to the island. In the 1930s a developer came and built some bungalows for honeymooners to enjoy and thus the name stuck. Like a lot of state parks, Honeymoon Island State Park provides a good day at the water, relaxing in the sun. Activities like canoeing, biking, and trails can be enjoyed throughout the year. And camping is always a good option for the adventure loving newlywed couple.

Stepping away from Honeymoon Mobile Home Park, Dunedin, Florida can offer a great trip during your honeymoon. And it will make for great pictures of you and your new spouse in front of the sign that says Honeymoon Island.