Monday, February 1, 2010

Staying In San Antonio Honeymoon Suites

San Antonio honeymoon suites offer the fun-loving newlyweds comfort and style, fun and history. With so much to do, the areas surrounding the San Antonio honeymoon suites are almost overwhelming in their opportunities. It's a good idea for the new couple to sit down and list all of the available options to make sure that they don't miss anything when staying in San Antonio honeymoon suites.

History is a great choice when emerging from the San Antonio honeymoon suites in the morning. From the Mission San Jose to Casa Navarro State Historical Park and King William Historical District, the choices are endless and the knowledge to be learned--infinite. Many of these areas offer tours and guided walks so that you can learn and catch the sights and sun of San Antonio, Texas. A word of caution: Don't forget the sun screen!

Or how about San Antonio itself? The area that includes San Antonio honeymoon suites has much to offer as well. The River Walk is a popular day trip for many newlyweds and visitors alike. Stretching along the river banks, this tour includes sightseeing and gift shopping as well as dining opportunities. With the faint sounds of a Mexican band in the background, you can be sure to enjoy this tourist attraction. And remember the Alamo. This mission church was the site of the memorable battle for Texan independance. The church has been restored to the original form and now houses tours and a gift shop along with historical information.

The San Antonio Museum of Art houses many beautiful works for those newlyweds that want a little relief from the Texas sun. Or for the more eclectic taste, the Buckhorn Saloon and Museum houses 4000 horns for people to examine. Many golf courses and resorts also surround the San Antonio honeymoon suites, so the guys can have some time to themselves if the woman wants a day of shopping on her own.

With everything there is to do in Texas and the San Antonio area, San Antonio honeymoon suites can be the perfect places to stay--offering comfort and history without tremendous expense or stress.