Thursday, February 4, 2010

Scottish Honeymoon Hotel

For your European honeymoon adventure, a Scottish honeymoon hotel captures the elegance and old time tradition that is found in the culture in Europe. Capturing the charm and the beauty of the countryside, this area has become a favorite of newlyweds. With the Perthshire Highlands and the great expanses of rolling green hills, it is easy to get lost in the scenery that makes up Scotland. And a Scottish honeymoon hotel is just the right choice to celebrate your the beginning of your new married life together.

A Scottish honeymoon hotel that has been highly regarded with awards is Taychreggan. Located in the foothills of Scotland, this hotel has proven that it can combine the history of the eighteenth century with modern touches without taking away from the overall feel. The stone house and courtyard have been restored to their original splendor. With forty acres of gardens and its own bay, the sight of a sunset can evoke feelings of sheer awe. The hotel can arrange a picnic lunch for you or a fishing trip. Say hi to the hotel mascot Chreggan who prances about, cheering guests as they pass. Thankfully there are plenty of guests to take her on the walks that Chreggan so likes to take. During the day, you may wish to visit one of the many historic castles and admire the architecture of a earlier time.

Another Scottish honeymoon hotel that is worth a look is Farleyer Restaurant and Rooms. Newlyweds are whisked into the romantic mood of this hotel the moment that they walk into the door. Rooms are large and decorated in authentic Scottish ways. For the honeymooning couple, a bottle of the house wine will be served to you upon your arrival. If you'd like to look around the grounds, walking, hiking, cycling, and Off Road Driving can all be arranged by the Farleyer staff. Of course, there is golf as well as horseback riding and fishing.

Newlyweds have described a Scottish honeymoon hotel as evocative, breathtaking, and romantically comfortable. Perhaps you too will write in a guestbook from Scotland and let everyone know how many anniversaries you spent there, remembering your honeymoon of so long ago.