Tuesday, January 26, 2010

For a Romantic Honeymoon: Montana

If you're looking for a romantic honeymoon, Montana harbors some of the finest bed and breakfasts in its big sky country. A place where personal service and home-like settings strive to make every person feel like a part of the family, for a romantic honeymoon, Montana is the place to be.

Bed and breakfasts are the ultimate in planning a romantic honeymoon. Montana offers some in every corner of the state, so let's start with Big Fork. This city has both Burggraf's Countrylane Bed and Breakfast and O'Duachain COuntry Inn to choose from. If you're headed into Bozeman, Cottonwood Inn Bed and Breakfast and Gallatin River Lodge will welcome you with open arms. In Emigrant, Johnstad's Bed and Breakfast Guesthouse can accommodate a newlywed couple, while Paradise Getaway Bed and Breakfast Guest Log Cabins provide the seclusion that some couple desire for their honeymoon.

For more places to go for a romantic honeymoon, Montana also has Headwaters of the Yellowstone Bed and Breakfast in Gardiner. The Hostetler House is in Glendive while Collin's Mansion is in Great Falls. Deer Crossing is in Hamilton, while you'll find The Sanders-Helena Bed and Breakfast in Helena. Bed and breakfasts can offer a more personal touch than larger hotels and resorts. And for the newlywed couple, this attention to small details can help to create fantastic memories. Homecooked meals are available from some bed and breakfast owners while others are sure to put real down comforters on their king and queen sized beds.

And we're not close to being done with listing the possibilities of a romantic honeymoon. Montana is just bursting at the seams with ideas--The Timbers Bed and Breakfast, the Emily A. Bed and Breakfast, The Stonehart Inn, etc. etc. etc. You'll have trouble narrowing down your choices from these wonderful locations. Some bed and breakfasts include fireplaces and afternoon lemonade, while others have majestic views of the beauty of Montana.

So, when you're looking for personal touches and small town feel for a romantic honeymoon, Montana is the state to go to. For the ultimate in romantic honeymoons with a comfortable feel, bed and breakfasts in Montana are the next best thing to heaven.