Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Necessary Items for a Beach Honeymoon

After you've picked the honeymoon spot and made all the plans, what are the necessary items for a beach honeymooon? Are there things that you should bring with you that you might not think of in the wedding rush? In many cases, all of the lists in the world helped you through the wedding day, but the honeymoon may have been neglected. So, here are some items for a beach honeymoon that you may not have thought of.

First things first, items for a beach honeymoon should include plenty of sunscreen. If you're not concerned about the effects of sun on your skin, then a lower SPF will do to increase the tan on your body. It is best to use a higher SPF on areas that may not see the sun as often (or at all, if you're being daring), like the stomach or the legs. These areas will not have as high a concentration of melanin and will burn more easily and severely without protection. If you are trying to avoid the sun entirely, then using the highest SPF sunscreen liberally will help to keep your skin protected, but the addition of dark colored clothing and a wide brimmed hat will also help to keep the sun from hitting your skin. With the increased incidence of skin cancer, it may be better to sport a fake tan than one that will damage you in the long run.

In terms of clothing, it is always best to include multiple bathing suits in your items for a beach honeymoon. Chlorine and salt water can damage suits and their coloring, so it is best to rinse them after wearing, then letting them dry before wearing them again. For women, a sarong is a welcome addition to the wardrobe as a cover up so that you can go from beach to shopping mall with discretion and style. Men are generally safe with the addition of a tank top or a t-shirt, although it may be more comfortable to change into a dry pair of shorts. One or two dressier outfits may be needed if you are planning to go out to dinner a time or two. SOme restaurants have dress codes and you do not want to be turned away on your honeymoon.

All in all, packing for a honeymoon is much like packing for any other vacation. Items for a beach honeymoon may also be bought upon arriving at your destination. Some more alluring items may also help with the romance of the honeymoon, but that is entirely up to you.