Saturday, December 12, 2009

Honeymoons in Tahiti or Fiji

Couples who choose honeymoons in Tahiti or Fiji are rarely disappointed. These picturesque locales offer loving newlyweds the opportunity to see a different part of the world without encountering large groups of people or noisy conditions. On honeymoons in Tahiti or Fiji, couples can relax as they hold hands and look at the sunset upon the ocean.

Honeymoons in Tahiti or Fiji can be easily arranged into packed sightseeing tours or quiet honeymoons. For packages, some travel agencies offer accommodations at the Inter Continental Resort Tahiti as an option. The lush landscape of this resort beckons a couple to fall in love all over again. With thirty acres of tropical gardens and Polynesian decor, newlyweds can lose themselves in the beauty that surrounds them. Suites can be bungalow-like with access to the clear blue waters. Very private and secluded, couples can enjoy a private sundeck as well as spacious interior as the location for their honeymoon. The suites offer views of the sister island Moorea and its volcanic peaks along with the dramatic ocean views.

Honeymoons in Tahiti or Fiji also provide ways to incorporate many different luxuries. In Fiji, some packages include seven nights at the hotel or resort of your choosing, daily breakfasts and drinks, many of the island activities are included as well--snorkeling, trips to the villages, walks, kayaking, scuba diving and fishing, private beach picnics, and some even offer welcoming gift baskets. With some of the most breathtaking waters, Fiji has been cited as a great place for scuba diving and an even better place to relax and regroup on your honeymoon.

Honeymoons in Tahiti or Fiji can be some of the most memorable trips of your lifetime. Turquoise lagoons, tropical sunsets, white sand beaches, and private accommodations all await you. You can be as active as you'd like, or as inactive as you'd like. In many cases, you could stay in your bungalow for the entire trip and be completely satisfied. But unfortunately, it's not easy to choose between the two tropical heavens, but rest assured that either will be just what you were looking for.