Tuesday, November 10, 2009

The Perfect Themed Honeymoon Hotel Motel

Some couples like to try something a bit different on their honeymoon, so they look to a themed honeymoon hotel motel. And these establishments can vary widely with a couple's personal preference and tastes. Maybe a joint passion is the reason that they met or one of the many reasons that holds them together. A themed honeymoon hotel motel might suit them terrifically.

A themed honeymoon hotel motel is one in which a particular era can be captured in the decor or in the ambience of the hotel or motel. Some of the more common places associated with this kind of styling are cottages and cabins in the New England area of the United States. Many of these accommodations go back to a simpler time of the pilgrims and early settlers. Although the conveniences of modern times are now included, the feeling of stepping through the door is likened to entering another world. Another good example of this kind of themed atmosphere are in Las Vegas where couples can find anything from an Elvis suite to a suite from Victorian times. If there's anything that you like, you can probably find it in a themed honeymoon hotel motel.

Other possibilities for a themed honeymoon hotel motel can include images of beach settings or cartoon characters. And the first place that comes to mind for this adventure is the Disney World Theme parks in California and Florida. The most popular park on earth can fulfill any newlywed couple's liking for any of their many memorable characters.

Or perhaps you'd like something a bit more southern? A cowboy or dude ranch themed honeymoon hotel motel might be right to your liking. Some of these include horseback rides and all other activities that a true cowboy or cowgirl might enjoy. Sometimes the trip includes food and drinks that would be authentic to the particular theme and era in time.

Choosing a themed hotel motel is a decision to be made be an adventurous and spirited couple that wants more than just your average honeymoon stay--they want to live out some dreams and fantasies as well.