Monday, November 30, 2009

Honeymoon Suites: Utah

Although the search may be long for honeymoon suites, Utah can provide the easy answer to you and your soon to be spouse's dilemma. With the gorgeous mountain backdrop, Utah offers breathtaking scenery as well as modern conveniences. For the ultimate in honeymoon suites, Utah can combine comfort with adventure, beauty with romance.

Starting off with locations of honeymoon suites, Utah names Moab as one of the main cities for romance. One of the many hotels is called the Red Cliffs Lodge and like may others, it is nestled into a plush country setting with river views from the many windows of their honeymoon suites. Located in Moab, Utah, this lodge includes private patios and an in suite spa. The large honeymoon suite also includes a kitchenette for the feeling of home.

But Moab isn't the only possibility for honeymoon suites, Utah also claims that Salt Lake City is home to romantic accommodations. The Armstrong Mansion offers the simplicity of a bed and breakfast with the opulence of a luxury hotel. The honeymoon suite includes a large oval shaped hot tub and bed that provide all of the necessary comfort for the newlywed couple. Elegant styling surrounds you as you fall asleep in this room that was once the master bedroom of the original mansion. An in room fireplace can warm you both up after a chilly day of skiing or sightseeing.

It's no wonder that of all the honeymoon suites, Utah is mentioned as the most beautiful. The farther you look out into the sky, the more snow-capped mountains and beautiful sunrises you will see. There are no bad pictures to be taken in Utah, only the pictures that weren't taken are the ones that are bad. And sightseeing can take you to the Bonneville Salt Flats or to Salt Lake where the wonder of the lake can capture your gaze for hours.

When looking into honeymoon suites, Utah is a great and varied choice. There's hardly a need to compromise when Utah is one of the choices of honeymoon locations because it suits everyone perfectly. There's also Park City, UT, Torrey, UT, Logan, UT...