Thursday, October 22, 2009

For The Perfect Honeymoon Suite: Madison, WI

Wisconsin doesn't conjure up images of a beach or tropical drinks, but as for a honeymoon suite, Madison, WI is a pleasant fit. In a serene setting, newlywed couples can enjoy peace and quiet as well as the splendor of the northern state. For the best features in a honeymoon suite, Madison, WI is worth investigating.

Along the lines of a traditional honeymoon suite, Madison, WI offers Holiday Inn Hotels and Suite in the area. These hotels are the traditional variety with all of the amenities of a home away from home without the bulky price tag. On the other hand, this is your honeymoon, and perhaps the room should be a bit more memorable. The Victorian Treasure stands out as the perfect choice for a honeymoon. This small bed and breakfast offers a romantic feel with lavishly decorated rooms with modern conveniences alongside a hot tub and generous gift basket. Personalized wine glasses and chocolates are given to newlywed couples upon their arrival and make for a personal and delightful beginning to the honeymoon.

For a Victorian inspired honeymoon suite, Madison, WI is also home to the Cameo Rose Bed and Breakfast. With several rooms to choose from--each with their own style--you can be whisked away into style and beauty. Rooms can include hot tubs and /or fireplaces to enhance the romance and sweep both of you off your feet. And Cameo Rose does its best to remain affordable even with all of these luxurious features. And for the high end in honeymoon suites, Campus Inn and Chancellors Club is top notch. With its European decor and elegance, the Campus Inn and Chancellors club has been rated with four stars consistently. And if you make your reservation there, you will not be disappointed.

And if you're looking to get out of your honeymoon suite, Madison, WI offers a lot of places to visit. The Henry Villas Zoo is a popular choice, as is Olbrich Botanical Gardens and Tropical Conservatory. For the golfer, Madison has many courses that offer public tee times and challenging fairways.

As you can see, for the perfect honeymoon suite, Madison, WI is the place to land. Wisconsin isn't just for cheese and snow, but the land of newlyweds too!