Saturday, September 26, 2009

Honeymoon Pics, Tub Suites and Other Fun Extras

The beauty of a honeymoon package at a resort is the honeymoon pics, tub suites, and other fun extras that you will enjoy as the newlywed couple. Many hotels have specials that will give a few gifts to a newlywed couple if they know that they are recently married. Hotels and resorts do this because it is free advertising when a couple chooses them for their honeymoon. When any of the friends and relatives ask what they are doing for their honeymoon, the hotel name will be given as the answer, so the better the hotel treats you, the more likely that more customers will be drawn to them. Honeymoon pics, tub service in the room, and roses are just the beginning.

Although not every hotel provides honeymoon pics, tub suites are a lot easier to come by. These hot tubs can be Jacuzzi or a plain whirlpool setup with bath products provided. The variety of hot tubs is amazing. Some are big enough for one, others are made for two, still others are heart shaped, while Las Vegas tops them all with a seven foot tall champagne glass hot tub. So if you like hot tubs, you can usually find one. Some of the private villa resorts can even rent one to you for your secluded patio or porch if you so desire.

Along with the honeymoon pics, tub, and deluxe suite, couples may be greeted with champagne--some places go so far as to offer Dom Perignon--and gourmet chocolates. Others give cheese and fruit trays, bottled water, and sparkling grape juice. Some honeymoon packages include breakfast in bed or candlelight dinners on the beach or picnic lunches. Rose petals can be found on your bed before you go to sleep. Cameras and photo albums may also be given for you to remember the time you spent at their hotel. Personalized wine glasses, coffee mugs, or bathrobes can sometimes be given for you to take home as well.

Honeymoon pics, tub suites, and champagne are the little extras that make you feel special to be a newlywed. And that feeling of special-ness will bring you back year after year.