Thursday, July 16, 2009

Wedding and Honeymoon In Puerto Vallarta

With the scenic backgrounds filling every turn, a wedding and honeymoon in Puerto Vallarta might be the picture in your minds. This Mexican paradise once nurtured the love of Elizabeth Taylor and Richard Burton, and can do the same for you. A wedding and honeymoon in Puerto Vallarta can make for beautiful memories and a stress free experience.

A destination wedding and honeymoon in Puerto Vallarta can become a reality for the couple that wants to do more than a traditional church plan. The shores of this tropical oasis house a friendly village, spectacular mountainside, and sandy beaches. Due to the increase in interest in getting married in Mexico, hotels in the area have employed wedding coordinators to help you with every step of the way. Imagine having the perfect wedding without the traditional stress of planning one? These wedding coordinators are experts are making sure dreams are fulfilled. Marriages in Mexico are recognized in the United States, but it is still good to double check the laws to ensure the legality of your ceremony.

Along with the wedding and honeymoon in Puerto Vallarta, hotels and travel agencies have set up honeymoon packages with the newlywed couple in mind. Vallarta Palace is a favorite of some travelers. This larger resort on the waterfront offers a huge pool and secluded lagoon. Outdoor massages can be arranged as well as fitness center and tennis court. For newlyweds, the hotel offers honeymoon photos that the couple can take home with them, or order to be send to their new home. The vallarta Palace offers a couple the peace and tranquility of Mexico.

For another setting for a wedding and honeymoon in Puerto Vallarta, the Hotel Cuatro Vientos can provide the ambience that you desire. With its lushy decorated suites in a traditional Mexican style, the hotel offers friendly people and warm accommodations after your wedding in the sunset.

Planning your wedding and honeymoon in Puetro Vallarta can be the answer to your need for peace in this busy time. With helpful coordinators and a beautiful location, there are few things left uncovered by the Mexico paradise.