Saturday, July 25, 2009

Caymen Islands Honeymoon

Although resorts are very popular choices for a Caymen Islands honeymoon, some newlyweds find that rentals and condominiums are better suited to their liking. Renting can give a couple the quiet and the freedom that they crave after spending all of their free time with relatives and friends. Many travel brokers and agencies can direct you to finding legitimate vacation rentals in the Caymen Islands. And for your Caymen Islands honeymoon, the choices of properties and locations will keep you busy for a while.

During your Caymen Islands honeymoon, you must first consider who will be coming with you. In some cases, the wedding is also on the islands, so more than the newlyweds will be staying. Four and five bedroom villas are available to rent in cases where everyone needs a place to sleep, but also wants to give the newly married couple some privacy. A five room villa can be found in the Tortuga region, in Cayman Kai, or in many other places. Many of these larger villas include private pools, lanais, and covered decks. The spacious floor plans of these villas can accommodate up to ten people in same cases.

For a smaller set up for your Caymen Islands honeymoon, a two or three bedroom rental will suffice. Located along more of the pristine white sandy beach, these villas offer privacy and luxury to the newlywed couple. Although there will not be a staff on hand to assist you, the locals are very willing to help you around the island if you need to find food or other supplies. Some of the villas come with private hot tubs and are fully furnished. A second story hammock might be just the extra that you need to relax the day away in. Watching a sunset on the ocean with your new spouse can be the perfect ending to every day when you stay on the Caymen Islands.

The trick to finding rentals for a Caymen Islands honeymoon is to keep your eyes and ears open. Brokers and travel agencies can sometimes help, but so can some online services. So why not look into living the the Caymen Islands during your honeymoon? No crowds, no lines, just you and the love of your life.