Thursday, July 23, 2009

Beach Honeymoons in South America

Finding beach honeymoons in South America is simple; narrowing them down is hard. With coastlines on each ocean, it's no wonder that South America includes endless beaches and possibilities. Here are a few suggestions for beach honeymoons in South America, but this list is not all-inclusive.

Starting in Venezuela, Los Roques National Park can be home to just one of the possible beach honeymoons in South America. Because of its unaltered landscape, this spot is a favorite of nature lovers, divers, and snorkelers. Only one village is standing in the park and great measures have been taken to ensure that no others will. The environmentally conscious archipelago--or group of little islands--restricts the amount of visitors to its island, so it is best to plan this trip out far in advance. You can charter a yacht or hire a guide for the day. There's also coral reefs, windsurfing, and lots of sun. So much sun in fact that tourists are reminded to wear sunscreen constantly. Being so close the Equator means that the sun is much stronger than it is in other parts of the world. Los Roques is a day trip that will really stand out in your honeymoon.

Northeastern Brazil is another area to tour on beach honeymoons in South America. And accommodations can be found in the area for a longer stay. The beaches are impressive in Port Seguro in Bahia, Brazil. Boa Viagem is another possibility for a day beach excursion, located in Recife and easy to get to. The main beaches in South America are Praia Tamba├║, Cabo Branco, Praia de Tambaba--one of the highest ranked, also the only nudist beach--and Praia Jacuma. With white sands, good weather and palm trees, it's easy to see why these beaches are highly recommended.

Praia Pedra do Sal and the Lagoa do Portinho are other sites of great beach honeymoons in South America with the white sands and all year moderate weather. And this list only scratches the surface of the beauty that can be found in South America. Prices can be lower--but some places are also overpriced for what they actually provide, check with a travel agent to ensure that you are getting your money's worth--and the crowds can be smaller, so for your honeymoon, these beachside destinations may be just right.