Wednesday, July 22, 2009

All-Inclusive Key West Honeymoon Ideas

If all-inclusive Key West honeymoon ideas are alluding you, then look no further. In this article, you will find a sampling of the many resorts and cruise lines that offer honeymoon packages for you to enjoy. An all-inclusive Key West honeymoon lets you relax knowing that you are fully paid up for your enjoyment and don't need to shuffle around a purse ot wallet unless you feel that you need to.

One of the all-inclusive Key West honeymoon packages includes three nights at the hotel or resort of your choice and a fully narrated tour on the Old West Trolley--showing over a hundred different points of local interest. On this trolley ride, nine separate stops are made in 'key' shopping areas where you can find unique souvenirs and locally made merchandise. Also in this package is a ticket to the Reef Express where you can snorkle among the only living coral reef in North America.

The next all-inclusive Key West honeymoon package takes you on a honeymoon oriented trip. Five nights at accommodations of your choice help to get you well-rested and ready for the old West Trolley tour once more. But on this adventure, couples will find themselves taking the Fast Cat over to the Dry Tortugas and some of the finest beaches in the world. Soaking in the sun with complimentary drinks and snacks and then enjoying lunch and dinner on the island.

For the ultimate in all-inclusive Key West honeymoon trips, the seven night tour brings you to your favorite resort again, but then takes you on the Sebago Island Ting for a chance to enjoy the clear waters. Snorkeling, sailing, and kayaking are on the menu here--as well as sangria, beer, and a delicious buffet lunch. This package also includes the Old West Trolley trip and the Fast Cat to the Dry Tortugas.

All-inclusive Key West honeymoon adventures can take you anywhere that suits you and your new spouse. You may even think of more things that you would like to do and that's just fine with the travel agent that helps you plan. Make your honeymoon adventure in Florida a personalized dream.