Thursday, June 18, 2009

Freedom and Honeymoon Sailing Cruises

Although traditional cruises can offer many benefits to the fun loving couple, honeymoon sailing cruises can be equally, if not more enjoyable. Because they tend to be smaller excursions, honeymoon sailing cruises provide a more personal vacation for the newlywed couple. Although you can choose to be with another couple or with friends, many couples choose their own personal boat to ensure privacy and romantic moments. Honeymoon sailing cruises offer a unique way to travel and see the world.

You have an incredible amount of options when deciding between honeymoon sailing cruises. Starting with the size of the boat, couples can choose between a catamaran--averaging about forty-two feet--or a sailing boat that can measure up to sixty-two feet in length. Depending on the length of your trip and your comfort, the larger boats can offer more stability in rougher waters, while the smaller boats are much more personal. But this is a choice that you will make as you begin to determine how you want to sail.

Where you want to go and how long you want to go are also decisions to make when figuring out your itinerary on honeymoon sailing cruises. Locales can include the Virgin Islands or the Caribbean, but you can also choose to visit ports in the Mediterranean or the Middle East. Some couples decide to remain on the boat for a time before arriving at a honeymoon resort to spend the rest of their stay. Packages can include various locations and time frames. Traveling by boat makes for a beautiful journey to your destination. But other couples have chosen to remain on the boat, stopping at occasional ports or for different water activities. It's all up to your individual tastes and most people who arrange honeymoon sailing cruises will provide numerous lists of the various options--scuba diving and snorkeling side jaunts are very popular.

Honeymoon sailing cruises offer the beauty of larger cruise ship travel without the noise and the commotion. This is a trip for the couple who wants to remain close throughout the entire honeymoon, for the romantic couple who can't get enough of each other just yet.