Wednesday, June 24, 2009

The Search for Honeymoon Rentals: Florida

If you're looking to stay closer to the United States and want to explore the opportunity for honeymoon rentals, Florida is a wise place to start. The dual-coasted state offers endless beaches as well as golfing, sports, tourist activities, and more. This state is geared to you as a visitor and as for honeymoon rentals, Florida offers some of the best around. Amenities and luxuries are available in many of the honeymoon rentals Florida offers to the newlywed couple

If you're looking for honeymoon rentals, Florida has many areas to research. In Sanibel, Florida, Kings Crown Condo or the Waterside Inn are good places to look into. Both can include a private beach setting for a newlywed couple up to a larger group of people. Maybe you would like to have some friends stay with you after your wedding for a little while before you start your own private honeymoon; this would be the perfect way to do that. A condo honeymoon rental allows a couple to have any experience they'd like without tying them down to a particular part of town because of their hotel's location. A condo or other honeymoon rental in Florida allows the newly wed couple to have a home-like setting with a better view than they would normally see from their windows at home.

For other honeymoon rentals, Florida also includes Destin as a possibility. Holiday Surf and Mara Lee Vacation rentals can help you to find the perfect rentals for your needs. Again, these rentals can include private tennis courts and clubhouses along stretches as big as two and a half acres of white sandy beach. Imagine the quiet and the calm of having your own space on the beach. No more worrying about finding a spot to put your towel or the commotion of families and pets--just quiet mornings waking up to your own personal sunrise along a sandy horizon.

For the best in honeymoon rentals, Florida can provide all of this and more. Naples, Orlando, Fort Myers, and the Florida Keys are other places to search, but the list is as endless as your dreams.

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Monday, June 22, 2009

Working with Honeymoon Registries On-line

With the invention of the internet has come greater and great ability to research and find honeymoon locations, but as times have gotten leaner, honeymoon registries on-line are popping up in earnest to provide the newly married couple the means to go on their dream honeymoon. As wedding registries have helped many young couples to begin their new life with some essentials, honeymoon registries on-line have allowed newlywed couples to go on honeymoons that they may not have been able to afford otherwise due to personal budget constraints or from having paid for the wedding themselves. Honeymoon registries on-line are the beginning of a new way to help a couple that is starting down the road of marriage.

In this era, more and more couples are starting out their lives living together instead of waiting to get married to find a home. Because of this, many of the needed gifts that would be found on a wedding registry are not necessary--the couple already has them. Honeymoon Registries on-line provide a way for relatives and friends to donate to the couple's honeymoon expenses rather than a toaster or a cookware set. In many cases, the couple has already established a life together and doesn't need more things or doesn't have the room for more kitchen implements. Honeymoon registries on-line help to fill the need of a couple for their ideal honeymoon without added expense.

Some honeymoon registries online are not used to fund the initial honeymoon, but rather to help with the extras that the couple desires. Many of these registries can be started on-line and are much more time convenient than a traditional gift registry that might have the couple needing to come into a store to choose the items that they would like to receive. So, honeymoon registries on-line are also easier for the busy working couple to set up.

Honeymoon registries on-line also help out more distant relatives who may not be able to go to the wedding, or who do not want to go out and purchase a gift or those who can not for health reasons. The ease of online helps to make the gift-giving process easier and ensures that it will fit the couple exactly and never be returned.

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Saturday, June 20, 2009

Honeymoon Locations in Roatan

Although the Caribbean offers many different locations for weddings and vacations, honeymoon locations in Roatan are some of the most desirable. With picturesque views and spectacular sunsets, your honeymoon (and wedding too, if you'd like) can be the talk of your friends and the envy of your enemies. Honeymoon locations in Roatan know how to provide excellent service without sacrificing privacy and personal attention.

Honeymoon locations in Roatan include hotels and resorts, such as Bungalow 7. This collection of villas offers hardwood floors and private porches. Oversized baths are located within the villas and offer luxury at an affordable rate. The Sante Wellness Centre provides a complete array of spa services in a quiet tropical setting. There is no road access into the centre to ensure peace during your stay. Diving instructors are available to assist you in diving along the private cay. Palmetto Bay is an eco-sensitive resort with kayaking, snorkeling, diving, and hiking trails. With massage service and seaside restaurant, you and your new spouse will live in bliss throughout your honeymoon.

Other honeymoon locations in Roatan are more populated, but nonetheless offer the white sandy beaches of the Caribbean and all the fun you can handle. More diving and snorkeling adventures are available in the clear blue waters of the sea. To name a few honeymoon possibilities, Las Rocas, Bananarama Dive Beach Resort, and Pura Vida Resort are just a sampling of the resorts that line the beach. Some resorts offer single cabins for the ultimate in beach serenity and privacy--what a perfect way to spend your honeymoon. Mermaid Beach Cabins, for example, offer you a beachside home in walking distance of restaurants and activities--night diving, water sports, and marine life viewing for starters.

Still more honeymoon locations in Roatan that you can choose from: Posada Arco Iris, Cabana Roatana, Casa Calico, Caribbean Dream, Paradise Beach Club, Oak Bay Resort, and Caribbean Seashore House Rentals. Any of these wonderful establishments are willing to help you create the perfect honeymoon vacation.

The honeymoon locations in Roatan are fantastic to see and even more wondrous to experience. Highly recommended and ready to serve you, make Roatan the place where your honeymoon dreams are realized.

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Friday, June 19, 2009

Choosing Honeymoon Locations in August

From experience I will tell you that a lot of thought should go into picking honeymoon locations in August. From my own honeymoon, I learned that Arizona in the middle of August is less of a vacation and more of a nightmare. We were trying to hike into the Grand Canyon for our honeymoon as that was the place of our engagement, but failed to do some basic research. Honeymoon locations in August can be temperamental like that.

In retrospect, we should have investigated other honeymoon locations in August, but our romanticism of our previous trips had clouded our vision. We made reservations to camp at the bottom of the Grand Canyon and look at the stars as we fell asleep. What we did not expect was the blistering heat at the bottom of the Grand Canyon. It was one hundred and twenty degrees when we arrived at the bottom three hours later. And with our heavy backpacks and equipment for packing, the temperature was even more miserable. What is scary to think is that if we hadn't gone hiking previously, we might have seriously injured ourselves. Heatstroke and heat exhaustion are very serious medical conditions and if not treated immediately with the correct measures, can be deadly.

Many honeymoon locations in August can yield this possibility. It is vital that you remain out of the sun at its peak hours--usually during midday--and drink fluids to replenish yourself throughout any activity. The first signal of thirst is actually the first sign of dehydration and you do not want to get to that point. Wearing long sleeves and sunscreen will help to protect your skin from the harsh rays of the sun. Sun poisoning and sunburns can be very painful and can cause ill effects--not something that you want to endure on your honeymoon.

And the end of our hiking story? We rested at the bottom for a few hours to avoid the harshness of the day's temperatures, then proceeded to hike right back out of the canyon. It took us quite a few hours and we were in the dark for at least one hour, but we made it out safely and without major injury. Later that evening, a terrible storm rolled in. We would have been soaked. Let my story relate the importance of investigating all of your options before choosing one fo the many honeymoon locations in August.

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Thursday, June 18, 2009

Freedom and Honeymoon Sailing Cruises

Although traditional cruises can offer many benefits to the fun loving couple, honeymoon sailing cruises can be equally, if not more enjoyable. Because they tend to be smaller excursions, honeymoon sailing cruises provide a more personal vacation for the newlywed couple. Although you can choose to be with another couple or with friends, many couples choose their own personal boat to ensure privacy and romantic moments. Honeymoon sailing cruises offer a unique way to travel and see the world.

You have an incredible amount of options when deciding between honeymoon sailing cruises. Starting with the size of the boat, couples can choose between a catamaran--averaging about forty-two feet--or a sailing boat that can measure up to sixty-two feet in length. Depending on the length of your trip and your comfort, the larger boats can offer more stability in rougher waters, while the smaller boats are much more personal. But this is a choice that you will make as you begin to determine how you want to sail.

Where you want to go and how long you want to go are also decisions to make when figuring out your itinerary on honeymoon sailing cruises. Locales can include the Virgin Islands or the Caribbean, but you can also choose to visit ports in the Mediterranean or the Middle East. Some couples decide to remain on the boat for a time before arriving at a honeymoon resort to spend the rest of their stay. Packages can include various locations and time frames. Traveling by boat makes for a beautiful journey to your destination. But other couples have chosen to remain on the boat, stopping at occasional ports or for different water activities. It's all up to your individual tastes and most people who arrange honeymoon sailing cruises will provide numerous lists of the various options--scuba diving and snorkeling side jaunts are very popular.

Honeymoon sailing cruises offer the beauty of larger cruise ship travel without the noise and the commotion. This is a trip for the couple who wants to remain close throughout the entire honeymoon, for the romantic couple who can't get enough of each other just yet.

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