Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Looking for the Best Honeymoon Resort: Kauai may be the Best Place on Earth

When you're looking for the best honeymoon resort, Kauai is the island that comes to mind immediately. Hawaii is synonymous with beauty and serenity and exotic getaways. However, the five main islands of Hawaii can be tricky to choose from. Over and over, for the best honeymoon resort, Kauai is mentioned and complimented.

But as one of the best honeymoon resort, Kauai has also become a popular place for destination weddings. A quiet and private wedding on the beach, followed by Polynesian cuisine and culture can provide a beautiful and memorable wedding week. Many resorts can assemble packages that include a wedding ceremony and anything that you would like to follow. And it really takes the trouble of traveling from your minds. Who needs to worry about getting to the honeymoon--you'll already be there.

This list isn't comprehensive in finding the best honeymoon resort; Kauai has so many options that it would be difficult to name them all. A travel agent who is experienced with planning trips to Hawaii can be very helpful in your search for places that may not be found on a map. But in terms of some of the larger and more popular resorts, a few come to mind: Westin, Marriott and other big names. But if you're looking for a more subdued experience, smaller hideaways are available: Sunset Makai Hale, Hale Naia, Ocean Dlight, Kiahuna Plantation, and more. These are smaller and more romantic than some of the larger locations, but they can be pricier, so you need to factor that into your decision.

As for the activities that surround the best honeymoon resort; Kauai has so much to offer. Outdoor fun can be experienced in the crystal waters or relaxing in the sand. Tours along the island can provide beautiful pictures of the lush greenery and wild life. But if you want to leave the island and see what Hawaii, Molokai, Oahu, and Maui are up to, then you can also do that. The opportunities are certainly available for you to discover.

So, if you're looking for the best honeymoon resort, Kauai may be the answer to your prayers. And for newlywed couples, you will return there for anniversaries and vacations time and time again, reliving the wonderful time you had on your honeymoon.