Thursday, November 22, 2007

BC Cruise Canada Honeymoon Week

A newlywed couple looking for a BC Cruise Canada honeymoon week has a variety of options to choose from. British Columbia is one of the most beautiful locations in Canada and going on a cruise for your honeymoon week can be an awe-inspiring adventure. For a BC Cruise Canada honeymoon week, there are many options to choose from and activities to plan as you begin the reservations and accommodations for your honeymoon retreat.

Starting in Victoria, BC, cruise Canada honeymoon week can include staying the the wake of the Canadian Rockies at the Rocky Mountain Hotel. This hotel features scenic views and luxurious amenities as you bask in the glory of the Canadian countryside. There is also a Four Seasons hotel in the area which offers deluxe accommodations as well as honeymoon suites for the newly married couple. Newlyweds who like to remain on the go can rent a motor home or a trailer and go off to explore the country on their own if they so choose. But there's also Quality Inn Harbourview that is within walking distance of many local attractions: Royal London Wax Museum, Royal BC Museum, Parliament building and local shops and restaurants. Or if you're looking to step back in time, The Edwardian Inn offers an authentic taste of the early 1900's elegance and charm.

But of course, there are other options for BC Cruise Canada honeymoon week. What if you want to sail around the area to see the countryside? Windjammer Charters and adventure trips can be easily arranged to suit you as a couple. Many of the Windjammer trips are geared to specific groups of people (such as newlyweds) and can provide the perfect atmosphere for your trip. Or these trips can offer more extreme activities, kayaking, camping, and fishing. For the outdoorsy newlywed couple, this might fit into your dreams perfectly.

So for a BC Cruise Canada honeymoon week, you don't have to stay on a boat or in your hotel room. With all of Canada to discover, you both will make memories that you wouldn't be able to find anywhere else.